Tenant Central – 1 year on

Free training for tenants, residents and landlords.

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At Make it Happen, we’ve had a hectic but very productive 2013 – 2014 so far and have just passed the first anniversary the DCLG funded project called Tenant Central led by TPAS in which Make it Happen is an official partner. We’ve developed numerous interactive resources, e-learning courses and the Tenant Central web site.

Look out for upcoming posts highlighting the work we have done so far for Tenant Central!

See IT in Action 2012 – conference

See IT in Action conference bannerMake it Happen are taking part in this exciting upcoming conference.

See IT in Action 2012 is a market place event designed to showcase the latest innovations in ICT. It will demonstrate how local government is working to improve the delivery of public services and meet the government’s pledge to make all services ‘digital by default’. See IT in Action 2012 will focus on how local authorities can utilise technology to empower citizens, improve frontline services and transform the lives of the most vulnerable citizens in society and the ‘digitally excluded’.’

Make it Happen are sharing a stall in the market place with TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service). We’ll be showcasing the exciting e-learning courses, activities, resources and e-learning games that we have designed for TPAS over the past two years.

Why not come along and visit us? We are at stall number 20.

Tenants on the Web: 26th-28th March 2012

It’s all free!

With all the free social networking, blogging and web site design software that is around now, it is vital that tenant groups and panels are in a strong and visible position with web-based information. To help groups achieve this, Make it Happen (MIH) is running a 3 day residential training course called ‘Tenants on the Web’ (TOW) at the National Communities Resource Centre at Trafford Hall from 26th-28th March 2012. The course costs only £15 for social housing tenants in England.

Using this free software, MIH will guide you through the process of developing and designing your own web presence, and you will leave Trafford Hall with a ‘live’ working web presence that you have designed yourself. You will learn skills that you can pass on to others in your group or community, to bring them up to speed in the new web-based world. MIH have been running this course for the past 5 years with some really exciting results! Groups have set up web presence/s using free platforms such as; WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.

£500 grant opportunity

Delegates from groups who complete the course can apply for a grant of up to £500. The grant must be used to give your group the chance to disseminate the learning to a wider local audience, or to begin to develop projects related to the course you attended.

Gain a proper qualification!

The TOW course is accredited by the Open College Network, so you get a proper qualification if you complete the course. It’s a great opportunity!

For more information contact:

Dane at Make it Happen. Or, to book a place, contact Claire Lawton at Trafford Hall on 01244 300246 or email her at: MC.Lawton ‘at’ traffordhall.com (insert @ instead of ‘at’).

Involving Everyone

group of diverse people

We are now in the final stages of developing a new e-learning course for the Tenants Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) called ‘Involving Everyone’. The course launches on 14th Feb 2011. Part of the course involves looking at the new Equality Act and how this effects Voluntary and Community Sector organisations. Check out the links below for information about the Act and the video from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

There’s a wide range of information on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website including videos. pdf downloads and an Equality Act Starter Kit. You can download the starter kit in sections and use it to see what your organisation might need to consider for the future in relation to the Act. There are also some excellent publications produced by the Government Equalities Office that you can download for free. Click on the ones under the heading ‘Voluntary and Community Organisations’. ACAS also have some excellent publications and information.

e-Learning ambassadors spread the word

This Summer, as part of our three-year e-learning project for TPAS (the national Tenant Participation Advisory Service) Make It Happen trained online a number of TPAS E-learning Ambassadors – @mbassadors for short. Their role, amongst other things, is to advocate for the TPAS e-learning programme and to provide peer advice and guidance for other e-learners.

It’s great to see Leeds Federated HA, who take pride in being a ‘people’ organisation, highlighting the important role that e-learning @mbassadors can play:

Leeds Federated is proud to announce that Sue Howlett an involved tenant has taken on the role of E-Learning Ambassador for TPAS to promote Easy-Learning online.

Sue is part of a team of trained E-Learning Ambassadors who will continue to work with TPAS to explore new technologies and develop innovative new courses, content and ideas for the E-Learning programme.

Congratulations to Sue, her hard work and commitment has led her to take on opportunities at the cutting edge of tenant involvement.

Read the full article here: Putting Tenants at the Heart of TPAS E-Learning Programme