A new dawn in tenant social networking

TPAS National Conference and AGM, July 2010Last month Make It Happen set up the TPAS eNetwork, a new social network for members of the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) to extend and compliment the e-learning project we are developing with them. We introduced the social network at the recent TPAS National Conference 2010 where we delivered two workshops to discuss how social networking on the internet can help empower communities. The slogan for the conference was:

A new dawn in tenant empowerment!

And we wanted to find out:

How can TPAS eNetwork help empower tenants and residents?

We asked members how they might want to use TPAS eNetwork and what features they’d like to see. Here are some of the ideas that came up: Continue reading A new dawn in tenant social networking

TPAS Conference 2010

It’s that time of year again!
A new dawn in Tenant Empowerment
Last year the crew from Make it Happen attended our first TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) conference and it was great. This year it’s even more exciting for us as it involves the launch of the Community Empowerment Fund supported national e-learning project and Make it Happen is the major partner. We are delivering a couple of interactive workshops and networking like mad (dancing too!). Also in attendance (amongst the other 700 delegates) are the recently trained TPAS ‘e-learning @mbassadors’. The e@m’s will participate in our workshop and will be generally promoting all aspects of e-learning to their fellow delegates. There are plenty of other exciting things to do at the conference such as bingo and … oh, yes – dancing!

TPAS Annual Conference July/Aug 2009

TPAS annual conference 2009For the past 21 years the TPAS Annual Conference has been the premier event in tenant and resident involvement. Dane and Christine from Make it Happen are attending the three day event gathering video footage for use in the new TPAS Virtual Learning Environment. We are looking forward to meeting some great people, having a great time and shooting some great footage too!

Over the past year there have been a number of changes to the governing of housing services which include the introduction of the Tenant Services Authority, Homes and Communities Agency and the National Tenants Voice. In this years conference programme, TPAS have identified the following four key areas highlighting opportunities of involvement for both tenants and landlords EXCELLENCE, SCRUTINY, RESIDENTS AT THE HEART OF CHANGE and MY HOME, MY COMMUNITY. There is a fantastic programme of debates, workshops and visits which will hopefully invigorate and educate delegates leaving them empowered with knowledge and skills to get involved.

Make it Happen in partnership with TPAS

Make it Happen are delighted to be working with TPAS

TPAS (Tenants Participation Advisory Service) have been successful with their 3 year Empowerment Fund application and in partnership with Make it Happen are now developing innovative and exciting e-learning training courses and a ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (VLE). Make it Happen and TPAS are working together to develop a range of topical and relevant training courses for the first year pilot which will take place from Jan 2010. If you are a Tenant’s group and are interested in registering your interest for the courses taking place in Jan 2010 please contact TPAS at:

T: 0161 868 3520
E: training@tpas.org.uk

TPAS graphics of people